The best t-shirt around: The tri-blend

tri-blend blank t-shirts
The absolute most popular product we sell is the 100% cotton t-shirt. No big surprise there! The 100% cotton t-shirt is versatile, long-lasting, budget friendly, and comes in a size for everyone and dozens of various colors. Plus, custom printing looks great on them.  In most cases 100% cotton t-shirts are the perfect choice.
But, what if you're looking for a better t-shirt?

We're talking about the kind of t-shirt that will become an instant favorite. The kind of t-shirt you grab the second it's clean because it's just THAT comfortable. The kind of t-shirt that strikes the perfect balance of softness and effortless flexibility with every motion. 

If that's what you're looking for, look no further than the tri-blend t-shirt. cotton tee shirt and tri-blend tee shirt

The Tri-Blend T-Shirt

We love tri-blend shirts. Tri-blend shirts are just that: t-shirts made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon fabric. Each of these fabrics on their own are known for some incredible strengths: Polyester: Strong and resistant to shrinking, stretching, sun light, and wrinkles. Cotton: Perfectly breathable, durable, and soft. Rayon: Breathable with a silky appearance and feel and lovely draping quality.

Blending these three fabrics together in the right ratio of each creates one of the softest, strongest, and nicest draping fabric for t-shirts you can find. Plus, tri-blend fabric is used
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PopSocket: The surprising usefulness of this hot little promotional product

PopSocket usefulness

It's official. We love the PopSocket.

Useful, unique, budget friendly, and a large area for personalization makes this a 5 star promotional product giveaway. 

Now enjoy our little backstory, and then act fast to request a free sample today

The Hater Backstory

Two weeks ago, I was not a PopSocket believer. I was aware of its existence and had been carrying around a sample product in my bag for some time, but never wanted to like it (we'll get to the reasons why later). At the insistence of a couple raving PopSocket fans (the Emblemax President included) I finally gave in and slapped one onto the back of my phone case.

First Impressions of the PopSocket

The first time I was handed one of these things, I refused to try it. My exact thoughts were: What the heck is this little thing, and what would possibly make me want to stick it on the back of my phone?! NOTHING about it jumped out at me. It isn't sleek or exciting or even have the class of a nice pen. It's simple. Simple with no clear usefulness or purpose at
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Our favorite apps to make it happen in 2017

man using smartphone and computer using apps

Happy New Year!

We're well into 2017 and work is in full swing. If you're anything like us, you have to function quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines and goals this year. The great news is that you don't have to do this empty handed--there are SO many apps at your fingertips to help get things organized and fulfill your potential this year.

Let us give you a break down of our Emblemax favorites right here.

List of Emblemax's top 7 favorite organization apps for 2017

1. Pocket

By the click of a button save an infinite number of webpages to Pocket and return to pocket imagethem from any device at any time. Can’t remember the name of an article or site you wanted to read again but can't find? Make sure to save the page to your pocket when you see it and enter any keyword in the search function of the app and the page will pop right up.

2. Strava

image of running manStrava is the perfect app to motivate runners and cyclers alike. Lots of apps offer the ability to track and save workout data, but this one adds the ability to connect and share it with others. Sharing and following fitness achievements of friends, family, and even the pros
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