The best t-shirt around: The tri-blend

tri-blend blank t-shirts

The absolute most popular product we sell is the 100% cotton t-shirt.

No big surprise there!

The 100% cotton t-shirt is versatile, long-lasting, budget friendly, and comes in a size for everyone and dozens of various colors. Plus, custom printing looks great on them. 

In most cases 100% cotton t-shirts are the perfect choice.

But, what if you’re looking for a better t-shirt?

We’re talking about the kind of t-shirt that will become an instant favorite.
The kind of t-shirt you grab the second it’s clean because it’s just THAT comfortable.
The kind of t-shirt that strikes the perfect balance of softness and effortless flexibility with every motion.

If that’s what you’re looking for, look no further than the tri-blend t-shirt.

cotton tee shirt and tri-blend tee shirt

The Tri-Blend T-Shirt

We love tri-blend shirts.

Tri-blend shirts are just that: t-shirts made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon fabric.

Each of these fabrics on their own are known for some incredible strengths:
Polyester: Strong and resistant to shrinking, stretching, sun light, and wrinkles.
Cotton: Perfectly breathable, durable, and soft.
Rayon: Breathable with a silky appearance and feel and lovely draping quality.

Blending these three fabrics together in the right ratio of each creates one of the softest, strongest, and nicest draping fabric for t-shirts you can find. Plus, tri-blend fabric is used for all sorts of t-shirt styles, so there is certainly something for everyone.

So if you want something a little nicer than a basic cotton tee, going with a tri-blend shirt is a fantastic choice.

Click into any of our favorite tri-blend t-shirts below for more product colors and details now. Or reach out to us and we can find exactly what you need!

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