The best t-shirt around: The tri-blend

tri-blend blank t-shirts
The absolute most popular product we sell is the 100% cotton t-shirt. No big surprise there! The 100% cotton t-shirt is versatile, long-lasting, budget friendly, and comes in a size for everyone and dozens of various colors. Plus, custom printing looks great on them.  In most cases 100% cotton t-shirts are the perfect choice.
But, what if you're looking for a better t-shirt?

We're talking about the kind of t-shirt that will become an instant favorite. The kind of t-shirt you grab the second it's clean because it's just THAT comfortable. The kind of t-shirt that strikes the perfect balance of softness and effortless flexibility with every motion. 

If that's what you're looking for, look no further than the tri-blend t-shirt. cotton tee shirt and tri-blend tee shirt

The Tri-Blend T-Shirt

We love tri-blend shirts. Tri-blend shirts are just that: t-shirts made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon fabric. Each of these fabrics on their own are known for some incredible strengths: Polyester: Strong and resistant to shrinking, stretching, sun light, and wrinkles. Cotton: Perfectly breathable, durable, and soft. Rayon: Breathable with a silky appearance and feel and lovely draping quality.

Blending these three fabrics together in the right ratio of each creates one of the softest, strongest, and nicest draping fabric for t-shirts you can find. Plus, tri-blend fabric is used
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To buy SWAG (stuff we all get) or not to

man wearing gray t-shirt with fake logo
As a promotional products distributor, it is hard not to be offended when a successful entrepreneur known on a certain hit pitch TV show, Mark Cuban, shares a list of rules for new start-ups and one of them is to avoid buying swag (stuff we all get – AKA promotional products). Obviously we love custom apparel and promotional products and believe everyone can get a boost from distributing them on occasion. Just visit ASI’s research page to check out all the promotional products stats and it won’t take long to realize there is definitely something great about using branded products. On my recent reflection of Mark Cuban’s anti-promotional product stance for company start-ups, his advice does make some sense. Allow me to explain. The situation Imagine someone gave you a really great quality t-shirt with a logo on it that you knew very little about and felt no passion for. You end up using the shirt occasionally at the gym or when you’re running out of clean clothes. You like the shirt well enough that you hold onto it and wear it over a few year period. Unfortunately every single time you wear it someone inquires about the company logo wanting to know who they are and what they do and in response you have very little or nothing to say other than you got the shirt for free. What could have been a golden opportunity to share a passion for that particular company may have turned into
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Your Promotional Product Budget: Making Every Dollar Count

picture of custom printed usb drive
One of the most common topics we discuss with customers is what they can afford to purchase within their budget. Many of these clients want to select the very cheapest product that will fit within their budget regardless of the outcome. While we understand the sentiment, the cheapest products may not always deliver as much or any sort of return on investment, and the truth is that there are ways to afford more expensive products that will have a greater impact. We suggest the following strategies to everyone who wants to decrease the cost of purchasing custom products but not limit themselves to only the very cheapest products. 1. Utilize specials Always stay aware of current specials and promotions. Promotions won’t always fit your current needs, but if you stay up to date then surely something will come up that will. If you aren’t sure what specials are available, search the company website and give them a call directly to find out. Calling a company directly gives you a chance to find out if there are other offers not advertised on their website or if there is something you missed. The downside to utilizing specials is that sometimes you need to be ready to purchase at any moment. 2. Plan Ahead We realize that planning ahead is not always possible. Sometimes events and new ideas come up at the last minute and there is nothing you can do about it. However, planning ahead as much as possible will save a
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