PopSocket: The surprising usefulness of this hot little promotional product

PopSocket usefulness

It's official. We love the PopSocket.

Useful, unique, budget friendly, and a large area for personalization makes this a 5 star promotional product giveaway. 

Now enjoy our little backstory, and then act fast to request a free sample today

The Hater Backstory

Two weeks ago, I was not a PopSocket believer. I was aware of its existence and had been carrying around a sample product in my bag for some time, but never wanted to like it (we'll get to the reasons why later). At the insistence of a couple raving PopSocket fans (the Emblemax President included) I finally gave in and slapped one onto the back of my phone case.

First Impressions of the PopSocket

The first time I was handed one of these things, I refused to try it. My exact thoughts were: What the heck is this little thing, and what would possibly make me want to stick it on the back of my phone?! NOTHING about it jumped out at me. It isn't sleek or exciting or even have the class of a nice pen. It's simple. Simple with no clear usefulness or purpose at
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Custom Award for President Obama

Last week one of our clients came to us with an exciting challenge: to perfect a special gift for President Obama. With just two days to accomplish the task, we anxiously rose to the occasion. We were given two giant tennis balls to start and were instructed to print a special inscription for the President from the 2013 national tennis championship team. Although it seemed like a simple enough task (considering all our printing experience on various products and in different places), these giant tennis balls gave us quite the challenge. After attempting to print on a ball in a handful of different methods with unsatisfactory results, we decided that in order to achieve the excellence for such an occasion, we needed a new approach entirely. With the addition of a special engraving and case, this giant tennis ball “trophy” has become one of our favorite custom awards we’ve ever done. Hopefully the President likes it as much as we do!
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To buy SWAG (stuff we all get) or not to

man wearing gray t-shirt with fake logo
As a promotional products distributor, it is hard not to be offended when a successful entrepreneur known on a certain hit pitch TV show, Mark Cuban, shares a list of rules for new start-ups and one of them is to avoid buying swag (stuff we all get – AKA promotional products). Obviously we love custom apparel and promotional products and believe everyone can get a boost from distributing them on occasion. Just visit ASI’s research page to check out all the promotional products stats and it won’t take long to realize there is definitely something great about using branded products. On my recent reflection of Mark Cuban’s anti-promotional product stance for company start-ups, his advice does make some sense. Allow me to explain. The situation Imagine someone gave you a really great quality t-shirt with a logo on it that you knew very little about and felt no passion for. You end up using the shirt occasionally at the gym or when you’re running out of clean clothes. You like the shirt well enough that you hold onto it and wear it over a few year period. Unfortunately every single time you wear it someone inquires about the company logo wanting to know who they are and what they do and in response you have very little or nothing to say other than you got the shirt for free. What could have been a golden opportunity to share a passion for that particular company may have turned into
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