PopSocket: The surprising usefulness of this hot little promotional product

PopSocket usefulness

It’s official. We love the PopSocket.

Useful, unique, budget friendly, and a large area for personalization makes this a 5 star promotional product giveaway. 

Now enjoy our little backstory, and then act fast to request a free sample today

The Hater Backstory

Two weeks ago, I was not a PopSocket believer. I was aware of its existence and had been carrying around a sample product in my bag for some time, but never wanted to like it (we’ll get to the reasons why later). At the insistence of a couple raving PopSocket fans (the Emblemax President included) I finally gave in and slapped one onto the back of my phone case.

First Impressions of the PopSocket

The first time I was handed one of these things, I refused to try it. My exact thoughts were:

What the heck is this little thing, and what would possibly make me want to stick it on the back of my phone?!

NOTHING about it jumped out at me. It isn’t sleek or exciting or even have the class of a nice pen. It’s simple. Simple with no clear usefulness or purpose at first glance. In most cases I probably would’ve tossed it in the trash, but I hung onto it knowing there has to be a reason people love it and I would find out why.

Product Testing Results

After using this for the past two weeks, I admit that my first impression was 100% wrong. Not only do I not mind having it on the back of my phone, but I genuinely enjoy using itTurns out PopSockets ARE pretty cool and extremely useful.

Surprising Uses and Benefits of the PopSocket

The ULTIMATE Phone Gripper
If you are a person and you use a mobile phone, this gripper is for you. I was surprised to find that phone calls, texting, web browsing, and selfies are easier to manage with the PopSocket. When I hold my phone as I’m walking down the street, I don’t drop my phone. When I’m rushing into the house with my arms full of groceries, I still don’t drop my phone. All thanks to this intelligently designed little gripper.

Phone Stand
This is the perfect little stand for video chats and media viewing. Since this is what I use my phone for most of the time, I love this feature. Normally I hate having a stand on the back of my phone because it adds to my phone thickness, but even with the PopSocket on the back, my phone still slips into my back pocket with ease.

Stress reliever
This benefit has been the most surprising. You know those little stress reliever toys? Well this can also function as one of those too. As soon as I put the PopSocket on my phone, I was pushing it in, pulling it out, and spinning it in circles all while handling the ups and downs of my day.

PopSocket Product Rating

After using the PopSocket for two weeks, I can’t imagine taking it off my phone anytime soon. As far as we’re concerned, this product makes a fantastic promotional product giveaway. Useful, unique, budget friendly, and a large area for personalization makes this product a 5 star giveaway.

Just make sure you provide others clear instructions on how to use it and all the benefits. That way no one makes the mistake of almost throwing it in the trash like I did!

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