The Ultimate Drawstring Sports Bag

The drawstring sports bag is a classic back-to-school item that has been an Emblemax favorite for years. It’s lightweight, functional, versatile, and budget friendly.

The Drawstring Bag Reboot

We’ve been using the same basic drawstring bag style for years. We never had any reason to switch it up until the day a supplier brought us a new string bag that we knew was special the moment we held it in our hands.

The basic string bag is a good product, but our new favorite drawstring bag takes everything we love about the basic version and makes it a whole lot better. 

The Improvements

The straps 

They are much, much thicker than on a basic drawstring bag, but still soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. These straps are made of heavy duty high density pongee dobby nylon–which basically means they can carry some real weight.

The fabric

The material is much thicker and more durable and really gives the bag a premium feel. This higher quality material is sure to extend the life and use of the bag.

The pockets

One of the weaknesses of a classic string bag is that there is only one pocket to throw everything into. With the addition of a front zippered pocket and a small interior pocket for headphones and other small items, it is much easier to stay organized and find the things you need when you need them.

The Conclusion

The few simple improvements made to our old drawstring bag make this new bag the ultimate heavy duty drawstring sports bag. Plus, with a price at under $6 each for a 1 color print, you really can’t go wrong.

We love this bag enough to say we will never go back to our old drawstring bag again. It is officially yesterday’s news.

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