T-shirt Drawer: Have you organized yours lately?

We collect a TON of t-shirts in our t-shirt drawer. We’ve got Emblemax t-shirts, sentimental tees, shirts from favorite clients, and so many t-shirts with memorable prints we can’t let go.

This leads to one major problem we all face: THE T-SHIRT DRAWER MESS.

We know we aren’t alone in this problem. If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to let your shirt drawer turn into a wad of shirts you can’t differentiate. And really, what is the point of having a shirt drawer if you can’t find what you need when you need it?

The good news is there IS a way to master the t-shirt drawer mess.

Step 1. Fold the shirt like so:

Step 2. Place each folded shirt standing up in your drawer.
Step 3. Enjoy the way you find everything you need right when you need it.
t-shirt drawer, organization of t-shirts, drawers full of printed tshirts
Our perfect t-shirt organization method at work.

We hope you enjoy our t-shirt drawer system as much as we do!

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