Top tips for the perfect client holiday gift

holiday gift secrets

Every year we’re all faced with the same dilemma:

Selecting the perfect holiday gifts for our clients. 

For those of you who struggle to come up with great gift ideas, we are happy to share our best kept secrets for creating a memorable holiday gift.

1. Think Ahead

Throwing a gift together at the last minute is tempting, but may prevent you from giving the thoughtful gifts your faithful clients deserve. Jotting ideas down during the year is ideal, but even giving yourself a few weeks to brainstorm is better than a few days.

2. The Packaging

Packaging makes ALL the difference. To create a memorable and special gift, the packaging has to reflect just how special it is too. Too often people are so busy during the holiday season that the packaging becomes an afterthought; but great gift packaging is essential to make your gift stand out.

Fancy gift boxes
Fancy packaging makes a HUGE difference.

3. Tailored Gifts

Do NOT feel the need to give the exact same gift to every client; in fact, sometimes you shouldn’t.

Taking the time to give tailored gifts to particular clients will make your gift more meaningful to your clients. Showing them you know them and really thought about them is quite a touching gesture.

4. Give Customized Bundle Sets

Receiving a bundle set as a gift is really fun. The added convenience of receiving a gift that has everything already included makes it a joy to receive.

BUT the best part of a bundle set is that there are SO many options for customization. Every set has pieces that can be customized and tailored specifically for each of your clients and their preferences and interests. Plus you don’t HAVE to buy bundle sets already bundled (although that is okay to do); you have the freedom to purchase all the pieces separately and put it all together in your own unique packaging.

all in one gift sets for clients
Gift sets are ultra customizable and a joy to receive.

5. Consider The Circumstances

Is this a gift for just one person or a gift for a whole office? In a lot of situations, it is appropriate to send a personalized gift to one or two specific people, but also to send something along that is easy for them to share with those that work with them. Edible gifts that are easy to share are a great option.

6. Encourage Relaxation And Fun

Consider sending something that encourages relaxation and having fun. Since the end of the year is typically a time when people like to have a good time with friends and family, leaving a gift that encourages relaxation and fun is rarely a bad idea.

backpack sweatshirt and cell phone lense
Gifts that encourage relaxation and fun are always a great holiday gift idea.

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Now that you have all our holiday gift resources at hand, you’re ready to plan that gift list. Reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to help with more custom ideas just for you.

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