Does Super Bowl branding even work?

group of men wearing red watching football game

The Super Bowl is just a couple days away. And just like any other passive football watcher living with a football fanatic, I tend to focus on other perks of the big game: food, togetherness, and of course commercials.

One might think that purchasing ad space during the Super Bowl means (excuse my word choice) a guaranteed touchdown, but apparently not. I came across this recent super bowl finding that reports:

Super Bowl commercial viewers can only remember the brand from a commercial 35% of the time—which is less than half the normal recall rate for advertisements during regular prime-time television.

This shocked me at first, and made me think of a recent Advertising Specialty Institute report stating:

Not only is the cost-per-impression of promotional products significantly cheaper than the cost-per-impression for ad space during prime-time television, but promotional product recipients also remember the advertiser 86% of the time—a significantly higher recall rate than ads during the Super Bowl.

Now I am definitely not suggesting giving up your Super Bowl ad space because there are better branding methods out there (although you may want to think twice), I’m simply emphasizing how important it is to make sure your investment and branding efforts are actually going to meet your goals. If your only goal for airing a commercial during the Super Bowl is for your brand and message to be remembered, then you should probably either pull your
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Fantastic SWAG for every budget in 2018

trade show image from above

Every January commences the kickoff of one of our favorite times: trade show season.

SWAG (stuff we all get) plays a huge role at nearly every trade show, but coming up with new ideas for giveaways year after year is tough.

We are happy to make it easier this year by sharing some of our favorite promotional product ideas for trade shows--including some classics and some products that are fresh and hot off the press. No need to thank us!

Less than $1 Gifts

[metaslider id=1045]

$1 Gifts

[metaslider id=1080]

$2-$5 Gifts

[metaslider id=1081]

Hopefully some of these ideas are perfect for you. If not, we would be happy to offer more tailored ideas just for you. Reach out to us today!

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PopSocket: The surprising usefulness of this hot little promotional product

PopSocket usefulness

It's official. We love the PopSocket.

Useful, unique, budget friendly, and a large area for personalization makes this a 5 star promotional product giveaway. 

Now enjoy our little backstory, and then act fast to request a free sample today

The Hater Backstory

Two weeks ago, I was not a PopSocket believer. I was aware of its existence and had been carrying around a sample product in my bag for some time, but never wanted to like it (we'll get to the reasons why later). At the insistence of a couple raving PopSocket fans (the Emblemax President included) I finally gave in and slapped one onto the back of my phone case.

First Impressions of the PopSocket

The first time I was handed one of these things, I refused to try it. My exact thoughts were: What the heck is this little thing, and what would possibly make me want to stick it on the back of my phone?! NOTHING about it jumped out at me. It isn't sleek or exciting or even have the class of a nice pen. It's simple. Simple with no clear usefulness or purpose at
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