Fantastic SWAG for every budget in 2018

trade show image from above

Every January commences the kickoff of one of our favorite times: trade show season.

SWAG (stuff we all get) plays a huge role at nearly every trade show, but coming up with new ideas for giveaways year after year is tough.

We are happy to make it easier this year by sharing some of our favorite promotional product ideas for trade shows–including some classics and some products that are fresh and hot off the press. No need to thank us!

Less than $1 Gifts

  • Colorful reliable pens
    The Bic Razz Pen: This is our top choice for the best budget friendly pen. It writes flawlessly and is extremely comfortable in hand. We like these so much we keep a ton of these around the office for our own use.

$1 Gifts

  • Colorful keychain lights with a retractable screen cleaner
    Key Chain Light With Screen Cleaner: This is a nifty little key chain. The light and the retractable screen cleaner make it extremely useful for pretty much anyone.

$2-$5 Gifts

  • Picture of USB device charger
    3 In 1 Multi USB Charger: These are great to have and make great give away gifts. Simply plug one of these into a USB and charge any device with a USB Type-C connector, Andriod, or Apple connection.

Hopefully some of these ideas are perfect for you. If not, we would be happy to offer more tailored ideas just for you. Reach out to us today!



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