7 Reasons people love promotional products

Blonde woman fighting for free product
Distributing promotional products is often a win-win situation for both the givers and receivers. Organizations are anxious to give out products that will spread their message and brand, while almost anyone will accept a great promotional item. Some people, in fact, will not only happily accept a great promotional item, but they might even go crazy over it.

What is it exactly about promotional products that people have come to love?

1 – It’s free. This is obvious and probably the reason people go crazy over it. It is natural human instinct for people to enjoy getting something for nothing. 2 – It’s an unexpected bonus. Whenever we have zero expectations for something, it is easy to feel satisfied even when given just a little extra something. Several months ago I completed my usual shopping trip at a local retailer and was informed at the checkout that one of my purchases came with a free bonus product. I never would have bought the bonus product on my own, but after trying it out at home I completely fell in love with it. But really, who doesn’t love an unexpected bonus? 3 – You feel singled out. Not all promotional gifts are handed out to every person who walks in the door. When there is a limited supply of gifts it takes being the right person in order to get one. Becoming a recipient means you’ve been identified as someone who would be valued in some way—maybe you won a contest
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Self-cleaning apparel

Apparel is evolving and learning to care for itself. There has been an influx of new products on the market aimed at making clothing maintenance as simple and labor free as possible. Exhibit A: Scratch-n-sniff jeans When you don’t have time to throw a load in the washer, why not just scratch your jeans instead? These jeans remain fresh by emitting a minty sent when scratched. Personally I’m not sure this will make the jeans feel fresh too, but I can imagine how this feature might be attractive to the average college student. Unfortunately, the scent only lasts through 5 washes—although who am I kidding? The person who wears these jeans isn’t planning on washing them often anyway! Exhibit B: Detergent infused t-shirts http://youtu.be/sDRzDWYbvhg Everyone has to wash their clothes at some point; there is no getting around that. But what if I told you that you could eliminate one step of the washing process? Believe it or not, today there is a way to use detergent infused ink when printing on apparel. These t-shirts in particular already have Tide laundry detergent built into them for the washer. All you have to do is put the shirt in the wash and start it—no detergent required. The downside is that no one has figured out how to make the detergent ink last longer than through one wash. Exhibit C: SILIC stain and sweat resistant shirt http://youtu.be/1U7QdFMN3-g Although these t-shirts are still in development, the future for this technology is promising. Some sprays in the past have been marketed
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Walking in different shoes in 2014

An event is imminent and you just received an assignment to find a show-stopping giveaway or recognition gift on time and within budget. What do you do? Who do you turn to? This is a tricky situation and only one of many dilemmas our clientele face every day. Force any one of us to walk in their shoes and this is what you’ll see: Okay, we probably don’t look so adorable, but we would still struggle to fill their shoes. We have such a huge network of successful people that surround us that it is a shame we don’t pay closer attention and emulate what they are doing. I often remind myself that maybe the only thing we need to do in order to be successful is to mirror the work ethic and great things our clients are doing every day. Just as it takes little children time to grow and learn to walk in larger shoes, it takes every company time, practice, and growth to improve and become even better than before. At the end of every year we look back over our accomplishments and reflect on our clientele and everything they have done and taught us, hoping to express our appreciation in the best way possible. The challenges our customers and partners conquer never cease to amaze us and for that we strive to grow and improve to become better for them. We can’t imagine doing the things they do every day, so our goal for 2014 is to simply do
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