Our favorite apps to make it happen in 2017

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Happy New Year!

We’re well into 2017 and work is in full swing. If you’re anything like us, you have to function quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines and goals this year. The great news is that you don’t have to do this empty handed–there are SO many apps at your fingertips to help get things organized and fulfill your potential this year.

Let us give you a break down of our Emblemax favorites right here.

List of Emblemax's top 7 favorite organization apps for 2017

1. Pocket

By the click of a button save an infinite number of webpages to Pocket and return to pocket imagethem from any device at any time. Can’t remember the name of an article or site you wanted to read again but can’t find? Make sure to save the page to your pocket when you see it and enter any keyword in the search function of the app and the page will pop right up.

2. Strava

image of running manStrava is the perfect app to motivate runners and cyclers alike. Lots of apps offer the ability to track and save workout data, but this one adds the ability to connect and share it with others. Sharing and following fitness achievements of friends, family, and even the pros gives you extra encouragement, motivation, and even a little competition.

3. Flickr

The purpose of Flickr is two-fold: to be the best photo management system out there and to easily share photos. Creating custom categories within your account makes it easy to organize photos and is essential for anyone taking thousands of photos.

Smartphone screen shots of the Flickr app
Flickr Screen Shots

4. Google Calendar

Image of calendar pageGoogle calendar is the day planner of 2017 that’s easy to use and perfect for sharing and coordinating schedules. There are all sorts of features including the ability to send meeting invitations and agendas to others as well as having the option for reminders to be sent to your phone while you’re on the go.

5. MintImage of a piggy bank

Need a little help keeping an eye on your financial habits and fulfilling your savings goals? Mint is arguably the best and easiest personal financial management system available for free today. Use it comfortably knowing it’s built with bank-grade security and that money can’t be transferred or paid out to anyone through the service.

6. Copy Me That

Image of table settingCopy Me That makes meal planning and shopping a breeze. Save any webpage with a recipe and this app automatically pulls and saves the recipe details in the app. From there you can easily create shopping lists and schedule meals on a calendar. Rest assured knowing even if the original webpage with a recipe is deleted, the recipe information will remain saved in this app.

7. Any.do

Any.do is a to-do list organizing system that is customizable and easy to use. Manage various types of to-do lists including daily lists and long-term lists and enjoy the ability to schedule reminders for yourself throughout the day. Crossing off the things on your list has never been easier.

Screen shots of any.do app on phone
Any.do screen shots


So, there you have it—a little something for everyone. We’d love to hear some of your
favorite apps too. Sound off below. 

Now excuse us while we get back to printing and meeting our goals for the year.

Happy 2017!

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