7 Reasons people love promotional products

Blonde woman fighting for free product

Distributing promotional products is often a win-win situation for both the givers and receivers. Organizations are anxious to give out products that will spread their message and brand, while almost anyone will accept a great promotional item. Some people, in fact, will not only happily accept a great promotional item, but they might even go crazy over it.

Blonde woman fighting for free product
People go crazy for free stuff… like this.

What is it exactly about promotional products that people have come to love?

1 – It’s free. This is obvious and probably the reason people go crazy over it. It is natural human instinct for people to enjoy getting something for nothing.

2 – It’s an unexpected bonus. Whenever we have zero expectations for something, it is easy to feel satisfied even when given just a little extra something. Several months ago I completed my usual shopping trip at a local retailer and was informed at the checkout that one of my purchases came with a free bonus product. I never would have bought the bonus product on my own, but after trying it out at home I completely fell in love with it. But really, who doesn’t love an unexpected bonus?

3 – You feel singled out. Not all promotional gifts are handed out to every person who walks in the door. When there is a limited supply of gifts it takes being the right person in order to get one. Becoming a recipient means you’ve been identified as someone who would be valued in some way—maybe you won a contest or you’re viewed as being an influencer and good connection—and that just feels nice.

4 – You remember. When there are so many organizations trying to make it through the door, you may become inundated with business cards and branded products. You can take comfort in the fact that even though it means taking home a bag of things to sort, you have all the contact information you need somewhere within reach.

5 – No risk. If you lose it or break it, it doesn’t matter (unless of course you really liked it). Plus, when you accept a branded gift there is typically an understanding that nothing is required of you in return.

water conserve shower timers
These shower timers are so simple and yet made a huge difference in my life.

6 – It’s fun. Discovering nifty little products that you didn’t know existed can be kind of fun. The most exciting promotional gifts are the ones that make our way into our everyday life so much so that we start to wonder what we ever did without them.

7 – It’s convenient. Need more exercise t-shirts? Check. Need a new pen for your bag? Check. People will keep and use promotional items for a long time when they are particularly useful. I literally haven’t had to buy any sticky notes or sticky note flags in years and I use them all the time.

Based on these reasons, we know branded products can make a difference; but only when the variables are right. When the right people are receiving great and useful branded products that they love, the outcome could be incredible. Promotional products have the power to get your foot in the door, but once the door has opened, the rest is up to you. 

6 thoughts on “7 Reasons people love promotional products

  1. I definitely remember the companies that have given me promotional products. One of my favorite drink companies gave me a key chain with their name and logo on it. I was able to find the drink in my local store. I love promotional products like you!

    1. The real question is, who doesn’t love promotional products? I’ll bet you thought more about that drink too, since you had that key chain.

  2. I agree that it is natural human instinct for people to enjoy getting something for nothing. My sister will be joining a trade fair this week. My mom suggested promotional products and shared this article with her. It says people will keep and use promotional items for a long time when they are particularly useful.

    1. You have a wise mother! Yes, your sister would likely benefit from having some useful promotional products on hand at trade shows. Does she need any more guidance on selecting promotional products or staying within her budget? Those can both be tricky. Just thought I’d mention I posted on both of these topics a while back. Hope something from the articles below might be helpful. Reach out to me if you’re in need of more specific ideas!


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